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Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is by far the most famous destination in all Croatia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the city has a rich and colourful history of independence and was the first place in the world to abolish slavery.


A walk and enjoying the old town

A walk around its impregnable walls are a must, offering both a window into the city's rich history and spectacular views of both the old city and the Adriatic. For even better views, however, take the cable car at Mount Srđ and look down at the city.


A walk down the imperious Stradun in central Dubrovnik is not to be missed, as is the chance to lose yourself in the warren of back streets in the old town. Time your visit according during the day according to the cruise ship schedules, as the explosion of cruise tourism has resulted in the fact that Dubrovnik can be so full that locals are requested not to enter the old town at certain times of the day.


Rent a boat and a day trip to the island

While beach options close to the old town are limited, take advantage of the city's rich maritime traditions and hire a boat out to Lokrum, Lopud of the Elaphite Islands, a chance to escape the crowds and relax in nature, while looking back at surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Private accommodation in Dubrovnik

Such a quality destination deserves private accommodation to match, and we at PSH Croatia have a range of private accommodation in Dubrovnik to suit a variety of needs, whether you are looking for a luxury apartment in the old town, or other private accommodation outside the majestic city walls. Simply browse through the private accommodation options below.

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Why holidays in Croatia?

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Are you interested in cycling in Croatia? Here at PSH Croatia we can answer all those questions and help you find the best private accommodation for your vacation in Dubrovnik.


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