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Apartments Sevid

Secluded Sevid is the perfect vacation destination for those that prefer escaping the city and tourist crowds. Located on the coast between Split and Šibenik, Sevid is a hidden gem with brilliant beaches and untouched nature making for a peaceful holiday.


Beaches in Sevid

One of the best coves to visit is Stari Trogir, which has several beautiful sandy beaches where the alluring Adriatic invites you to submerge yourself in her pristine waters. One of the best places for a swim is Trogir Cove where you can take your pick from superb sandy beaches and even explore the remains of a Roman Villa.


There are numerous archaeological remains in Sevid, many of which have not been examined, so those with an adventurous spirit should go explore the area and see what you can find. One of the best sites to visit is the on the Southern slopes of Sevid where you can explore the remains of the church of St Vitus, the Saint from which Sevid draws its name. 


If you are looking for a day trip, head north to stunning Šibenik, the city of fortresses. This city has four fabulous fortresses well worth a visit and when you've conquered them make a stop at the UNESCO-listed Cathedral of St James to see this architectural wonder.


Private accommodation in Sevid

If you're on the hunt for private accommodation in Sevid you're looking in the right place. PSH Croatia has some outstanding apartments for rent near the beach, villa's and houses available in Sevid just calling your name. Contact direct the owner and book your accommodation on time in this perfect place.

Your PSH - Your easiest way to find apartments in Sevid (near Trogir)!


Apartments Diamare (Poljica)

Dear guests, Spend your vacation in an oasis of sea and forest. Diamar Apa...

Villa ANA, Živogošće

Villa Ana (accommodation in Živogošće), the standard offering comfo...

Apartments SAMAC (Trogir)

Apartments Samac are located near the cities under UNESCO protection, Trog...

Apartments Vukorepa (Čiovo)

The apartments are situated in Okrug Gornji, 5 km from Trogir. On a quiet ...

Apartments VERA (Pisak)

Looking for accommodation with sea view and seafront apartment? Then you m...

Apartments in Sevid (near Trogir)

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House Sevid

Spend your relaxing holiday with a spectacular view

SEVID - a small place in central Dalmatia. Away from city noises, Sevid is just the right place for your intimate vacation. It was founded by old fisherman from Rogoznica and it was named after the church of St. Vid, around which the village wa...

beach: 40 m | center: 300 m

  • Accommodation units:

Accommodation surroundings Sevid

Apartments Diamare, Marina

Enjoy beautiful sea view

Dear guests, Spend your vacation in an oasis of sea and forest. Diamar Apartments are located in a pine forest close to the sea which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of our Adriatic s...

beach: 5 m | center: 250 m

  • Accommodation units:
A2+2(a), A4+2(a)
  • A2+2 (a)
    35.00 - 60.00 €
  • A4+2 (a)
    45.00 - 75.00 €

Apartments Aurel, Rogoznica

Accommodation for an ideal family vacation

In a pleasure area near the sea, in part Rogoznica which is called Lozica, you can rent 6 air-conditioned, modern and fully equipped apartments with spacious parking in front of the house. Next ...

beach: 100 m | center: 1000 m

  • Accommodation units:
A2+1(a), A4+1(a)
  • A2+1 (a)
    50.00 - 70.00 €
  • A4+1 (a)
    70.00 - 100.00 €

Apartments Neve, Marina

Comfortable family accommodation and traditional Dalmatian hospitality

The apartments "Neve" are situated in a quiet area only 200 m from the center of Marina and only 130 m from the sea. They are located only 12 km from the old town of Trogir. The house is rated w...

beach: 350 m | center: 150 m

  • Accommodation units:
A2(a), A2+1(a), A2+2(a), A2+...
  • A2 (a)
    - €
  • A2+1 (a)
    - €
  • A2+2 (a)
    - €
  • A2+2 (b)
    - €
  • A4+2 (a)
    - €

Apartments Villa Mija, Rogoznica

The most beautiful sea view

Villa Mija is located in the quiet village named Zečevo Rogoznicko located between the major towns of Rogoznica and Primosten. The apartments consist of two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathr...

beach: 50 m | center: 2000 m

  • Accommodation units:
A5+2(a), A5+2(b), A5+2(c), A...
  • A5+2 (a)
    45.00 - 90.00 €
  • A5+2 (b)
    45.00 - 90.00 €
  • A5+2 (c)
    45.00 - 90.00 €
  • A5+2 (d)
    45.00 - 90.00 €

Apartments Juras, Rogoznica

Dear guests, we are happy that you have chosen our home as a potential place for your vacation. Juras family has been in tourism for 10 years and our only wish is to spend your vacation the best...

beach: 100 m | center: 2000 m

  • Accommodation units:
A2+1(a), A2+1(b), Studio2+2(...
  • A2+1 (a)
    25.00 - 40.00 €
  • A2+1 (b)
    20.00 - 40.00 €
  • Studio2+2 (a)
    20.00 - 45.00 €
  • A4+2 (b)
    40.00 - 80.00 €
  • A4+2 (a)
    40.00 - 85.00 €
  • Studio2+2 (b)
    20.00 - 45.00 €

Apartments BRACO, Rogoznica

In our apartments you don't stay, you enjoy!

We rent apartments for 2, 3 and 4 people in the house by the sea. Apartments are fully equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi ... All AP have terraces overlooking the sea. The beach is for our gu...

beach: 0 m | center: 1500 m

  • Accommodation units:
A4(b), A3(a), A4(a), A2(a)
  • A4 (b)
    65.00 - 100.00 €
  • A3 (a)
    40.00 - 60.00 €
  • A4 (a)
    65.00 - 100.00 €
  • A2 (a)
    35.00 - 50.00 €

Vila Marija, Marina

Wonderful place for a dream vacation

Apartment Maria is located just 10 meters from the sea. Greater pebble beach is only 50 meters. Guests can use the barbecue in the garden, parking and a boat (included in price). Each room has a...

beach: 10 m | center: 100 m

  • Accommodation units:
A6(a), A7+1(a), A8(a), A7+1(b)
  • A6 (a)
    100.00 - 100.00 €
  • A7+1 (a)
    0.00 - 0.00 €
  • A8 (a)
    0.00 - 0.00 €
  • A7+1 (b)
    90.00 - 100.00 €

Apartments SILVIA, Rogoznica

Apartments with large garden close to all amenities and the sea

The house is decorated in Mediterranean style, situated in a peaceful and quiet environment, close to the beach (5-10 minutes walking distance), close to sporting and entertainment events. Each ...

beach: 150 m | center: 500 m

  • Accommodation units:
A4+1(a), A4+1(b)
  • A4+1 (a)
    48.00 - 60.00 €
  • A4+1 (b)
    45.00 - 57.00 €

Villa Niko, Rogoznica

Your choice for a perfect vacation

Villa Niko is a modern villa with traditional elements of the building, surrounded by greenery. It is located in the center but in quiet area, near the sea, shops, promenades and suitable for fa...

beach: 150 m | center: 100 m

  • Accommodation units:
A4+1(a), A2(a)
  • A4+1 (a)
    90.00 - 160.00 €
  • A2 (a)
    60.00 - 110.00 €

House on the beach Diam, Rogoznica

Dream vacation in the beach house :)

Looking for something special? Accommodation directly on the beach? Dear guests, fill your dreams by spending your vacation in our apartments (Rogoznica apartments). Drink your morning coffee on...

beach: 2 m | center: 1700 m

  • Accommodation units:
A6+2(a), A4+2(a)
  • A6+2 (a)
    85.00 - 200.00 €
  • A4+2 (a)
    65.00 - 150.00 €

Why holidays in Croatia?

Are you planning your vacation to Croatia? Looking for peace and tranquility in Croatia? Then read our article Discover Croatia. Want to know the best islands to visit in Croatia? Croatia has become a travel sensation in recent years with many people choosing to take their vacation and visit Croatia's 1000 plus islands, its charming cities and it's captivating coastline.

Want to know the best places to see in Croatia? Take your pick from Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Europe's best destination for 2016 Zadar - the list of fabulous cities and towns are endless.

Want the inside information on Croatia's best beaches? Zlatni Rat on Brač, Sakarun on Dugi otok and Stiniva voted best beach in Europe for 2016 on Vis are just a few of the breathtaking beaches you will find in Croatia.

Are you interested in cycling in Croatia? Here at PSH Croatia we can answer all those questions and help you find the best private accommodation for your vacation in Sevid (near Trogir).


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