Apartments in Croatia

Do you want to spend your next vacation in Croatia, but not sure which destination to choose? Then you've come to the right place... search destinations in Croatia!

Which destination in Croatia is ideal for me?



Search engine is in test version, because we are still adding data for destinations. Thanks for your understanding.

Which destination in Croatia is ideal for me?

That's the question we asked ourselves several times, and then we have built a search destination filter, (probably) the first in Croatia. We decided that in addition to private accommodation for rent, we want to offer the opportunity to find the place that is according to your selected criteria.


Croatia is the ideal destination for your vacation, there are so much famous places to visit and sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to choose. Where to stay next summer? Which place to choose on the mainland (inside) or on the islands? How to find the "right place" that will suit you and your loved ones? Whether you are looking for a nice place on the mainland or on island, maybe something for a quiet holiday and a bay without the crowds, robinson or rural tourism, rest in nature and greenery or visit the world-famous destinations... Croatia has it all, but they need to be explored!


How does it work?

Search engine is designed to find places according to certain criteria: on island, special "more peaceful" destinations (Discover Croatia), holiday in the mountains (for winter), filter by the beach, sport opportunities in this place or surrounding area and certain additional facilities/services for rent.


  1. on the search box check one or more options for filtering
  2. after each selected option, the system filters and displays the locations according to selected criteria
  3. when you get the list of destinations after the 2. step, you can always change the filter according to desired criteria
  4. filter can be reset by clicking the button CLEAR FILTER, which appears at the bottom of the search engine after the first selected criteria


And that's it... in just few steps you can find your ideal destination that suits your needs for your next holidays in Croatia.



The filter is informative and we are not responsible for the (possible) inaccuracy of information on filtering destinations. We have been collected the information from several reliable sources, but the content can change in the meantime, so it would be good that you check the most important details for you before choosing a destination.

We from PSH Croatia will do our best to update the information each year for each specified destination, in order to maintain the accuracy of the highest possible level.