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Sensational Croatian Destinations

Croatia is becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and it’s easy to see why, with stunning cities like Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Zagreb. While there is no doubt that these cities are spectacular, Croatia offers so many more sensational destinations which are equally as good to take that perfect vacation. They are not as famous as the likes of Hvar and Rovinj but are just as rich in history, culture, architecture and nature.


All of these destinations have outstanding private accommodation options (apartments and rooms, holiday houses and villas) available making them easily accessible and for a comfortable stay. Here at PSH Croatia, we have many properties listed in these superb destinations waiting to be discovered by you.


Here are some of the best less known destinations in Croatia to give you taste for what’s out there:



Hrvatsko Zagorje or just Zagorje as it’s known locally is a region in Northwest Croatia which will impress you. A trip to Zagorje is like stepping back in time to a fairytale land where nobility ruled from their impressive castles set amongst picturesque green rolling hills, plains, and pastures.


The region is steeped in a rich history and culture with charming towns that will capture your imagination and unique museums, thermal spas and wineries to experience. If you are looking to rescue a fair maiden from the clutches of an evil duke or need a weekend of indulgence, Zagorje is your place.


Apartments in Zagorje - Continental Croatia



Gorski Kotar

If you are the type of traveller looking for some peace and tranquillity in a green oasis, look no further than Gorski Kotar. Known as the green heart of the Kvarner region, Gorski Kotar is where mother nature has been hard at work creating pristine natural landscapes that will captivate you.


Here you will find unspoiled nature and contrasting landscapes which include lush forests, sunny meadows, rolling hills, steep mountains, green valleys, and crystal clear waters. But it's not just nature the region offers, its charming villages are rich in history and culture, and the locals will treat you like one of the family.


Apartments in Gorski Kotar - Kvarner



Island Silba

Stunning Silba is located in the Zadar Archipelago and is the perfect island for a family vacation. The island is pristine, and you can take your pick from many of the sandy and pebble beaches.


No cars are permitted on the island but don't worry because you won't need one, as everything is only a short walk away.


Apartments island Silba - region Zadar


Island Zlarin

Known by the locals as the golden island, Zlarin is famous for producing jewellery from red coral which is harvested in the sea around the island.


But this heavenly island has so much more with untouched nature and beautiful beaches sure to please any holidaymaker.


Apartments island Zlarin - region Šibenik


Island Iž

Idyllic Iž has managed to maintain its character throughout the ever increasing number of visitors to Croatia making this island a real gem in the Zadar archipelago.


Mali Iž, one of the two settlements on the island is particularly impressive with unspoiled nature and spectacularly clean beaches.


Apartments island Iž - region Zadar


Island Prvić

The island of Prvić is a peaceful oasis suitable for those vacationers looking for alluring bays and isolation from the summer crowds.


There are two settlements on Prvić, which have both been protected for their cultural significance. If you need to relax and get away from it all, this island is perfect for you.


Apartments island Prvić - region Šibenik


Islands Kaprije & Žirje

Kaprije and Zirje are two jewels located in the Šibenik archipelago just waiting to be explored.


Kaprije is covered in vegetation and great for those who love to hike.


While Žirje is perfect for those looking to get a feel for rural life in Dalmatia, while still relaxing by the sea.


Apartments islands Kaprije & Žirje - region Šibenik


Island Šolta

Šolta is an absolute hidden gem, and the best part is it's only a short ferry ride from Split. Here you can escape the crowds of the mainland and have the azure Adriatic to yourself and then visit a genuine family run restaurant and try some of the local produce.


If you want an authentic Dalmatian experience, this island is for you.


Apartments island Šolta - region Split


Island Lastovo

The island of Lastovo is a nature lovers paradise. It's covered in forests, lined with dramatic coastlines and is the essence of unspoiled nature.


This has been recognized and now the island has been a designated as one of Croatia's nature parks. If you head to Lastovo be sure to try the Maraština, which is a dry white wine variety local to the area.


Apartments island Lastovo - region Dubrovnik


Vis & Komiža

Europes best beach for 2016 is Stiniva beach located on Vis, and if you haven't visited yet, add it to your bucket list because it's amazing.


But Vis is more than just Stiniva and is famous for its traditional Dalmatian architecture and overall natural beauty.


The island has two major settlements, Vis town and Komiža with the latter a stone's throw from the mesmerizing blue grotto on Biševo.


Apartments island Vis - region Split


Dugi otok

It's surprising how few tourists Dugi otok gets with the vast number of rich treasures this island holds.


The Telašćica Nature and the Croatian Caribbean, Sakarun Beach are not to be missed, but that's not all with Veli Rat lighthouse, Strasna Pec cave and numerous cycle and hiking trails, Dugi otok has something for every vacationer.


Apartments Dugi Otok - region Zadar


Islands Ist & Molat

If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy peace, serenity and the best the Adriatic Sea has to offer than the islands of Ist and Molat are for you.


They sit side by side, and one of the best ways to explore their riches is by small boat visiting secluded bays and coves and finding your own little piece of paradise.


Apartments islands Ist & Molat - region Zadar



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